Narrative poem

Anabelle with the gracious dark brown eyes.

A personality of a rowdy Raccoon.

Whose life is as wavy as an ocean.

Is a girl you probably couldn't understand.

Walking and talking as she makes her way to her uncomfortable seat.

Laughing and jumping while she makes an enthusiastic joke.

listening and crying as she rethinks the draining music.

Going home to her whining, and thoughtful dog.

Running away from her dramatic thoughts.

Anabelle see's the pain in her eyes.

Feeling some what sad, but not quiet sure.

Touching her heart.

because she wants to make sure she's fine.

Anabelle inside of her tragic mind set wanting to get out.

inside of a wishing heart.

inside of a confused brain.

is feeling like shes gonna break.

unsure asking herself why? Why she feels this way?

Happy because now she got it all out.

Joking because she just, she just doesn't get how anyone couldn't feel her pain.

Ignoring the way she did feel

Seeing how remarkable her life is.

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