Go east to Constantinople

Constantinople im loving it

It has the best church that was ever made and good houses to stay in.Its a relaxing fun place that your whole family will love. Theirs tons of activities places to eat and allot of nice people.


The political life was a copy of Rome.The city worked under Roman laws and rules.Officials took charge of building roads, bridges, wells, and made homes.Army followed Roman military customs.The poor received free bread.Circuses and chariot races were put on by the government.


Constantinople has one of the biggest church they are catholic and they got tons of icons.Icons are religious images used in worship.Churches covered their walls with them.Pope Leo orders a stop to the use of icons.Most people refused to give them up.

daily life

people from all around came to Constantinople because Constantine offers to build them palaces.Greeks,Turks,Italians,Slavs,Persians,Armenians,  and Jews living in Constantinople.Most people were farmers, herders, or laborers.people go to church allot.tons of building and places to eat.allot of trades and traders.

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