Camila's Tiny Adventure

      Camila was born to her loving mother Misty on the 10th of April in the year 2015

Camila with her mom Misty and her godmother Megan

Here is Camila with her mom and godfather Sam

                   Camila's first few years

She began to sit up on her own rather quickly. She wouldn't even let mommy sit in her rocking chair with her anymore

                         Camila was the first in her daycare to begin potty training

Camila meeting her cousins Sam and Zach for the first time

Daily Log: Today was Camila's first night at home. It went a lot worse than I expected. She slept almost all day which was okay, I got a lot of stuff done. However when I wanted to sleep that night Camila did not. Running in twenty minutes of sleep is really rough. Along with not sleeping at night Camila did other normal infant activities. We went on a walk in her stroller she had around five bottles, burped a lot, spit up a few times, made good use out of her diapers. The usual!

Camila's Childhood

Camila had an interest in music since she was an infant but her interest heightened greatly around the age of five

She tried guitar but took to singing just like her mom!

Tangled is Camila's favorite movie

Daily Log: Today was Camila's fifth birthday. We went to the park and out for dinner. She got a big ice cream sundae and I really regretted it when we went home and she was off the wall. It took me forever to get her to go to bed. We stayed up till around 11 when she finally crashed. It was a long day but you only turn five once right?

The Teenage Years

When Camila reached high school she took up tennis

She also stuck with music

Camila opened up her very own bank account when she was 19, here she is at the ATM for the first time

Camila shopping for t-shirts for the BHS DC trip. Can you spot her?

Out to dinner with Aunt Megan and Mom at Panera Bread

Camila eating a delicious pizza during school lunch

Camila in her EEP Calculus class

Camila cuddling with Squirt, the Jackson family cat

Daily Log: Today was Camila's first day of her senior year. I didn't cry (That much) when she let this morning. I waited all day for it to be 1:52 so she could leave. Then I remembered that she had cheerleading practice till five which basically killed me. Finally 5:30 strolled around and she came in and I asked her so many questions about school even though I knew they didn't do anything that day. What can I say, it was her last first day of school where I would see her when she came home! :(

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