Brionna Watkins

Out of the Ordinary

Outside the Lines

Midway High School's art class paintbrush drawer.


Baylor students noteworthy art project, transforming a fish figurine into high top converse.

Yellow Fingers

Baylor students idiosyncratic art project.

Chevrolet Hood

Antique Chevrolet hood mounted on the front stage panel of the Common Ground's backyard stage.

Industrial Pigment

Paint storage closet at the Hippodrome Theater on Austin Avenue.

Colors, shapes, textures ... oh my!

This city scape was taken on Austin Avenue.


These tractor tires belonged to a farmer in China Spring. He was gracious enough to let me shoot pictures on his land.


This ladder was also on the same farmer's land.


This was apart of the previous ladder.


Also apart of farmer's land.

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