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My name is Nathan and I like to play video games like, halo Xbox 360, call of duty black ops 2 its fun but I hope that make a black ops 3 and its better and have old people in the game like Misty, Marlton, Leroy, and Russman. but that's all I have to say.


the Eniac was the first computer made it was a huge thing that has swich's small lights and it would take up a entier room. Here is a video about it enjoy:)

If you watched the video you should be interested as you know the ENIAC was invented after the World war 2, but they needed more then one room so they can control missile's to attack the enime, it did cost a lot of money. Women and men use the ENIAC to get answer's.  

Internet/Internet searching

What I learn was the backspace, being safe on the internet, hyperlinks,the (-) sign and other things. A hyperlink is if it is under lined and blue! If you need to ask a question DON"T type the hole thing just write the important


Website Credibility

To know if a website is reliable is if is fully up to date. Then there is C.R.A.A.P.. I know it's funny but C means Currency is if it is up to date. R means Relevance. A means Authority is if the author is telling the truth

(Microsoft Office)

Word,Excel,Power point

Some things that I have learned .Microsoft office are programs like Word, Power point, Excel,Publisher,and others.First we learned about Word.We learned about how to put in a Watermark, a Picture,load, save. We did't about all of them, I don't know the rest.Word is for writing of coarse. Power point is for a presentation, excel is for like a list,and Publisher is of like coupons.



Typing is a hard to to learn your fingers have to get get good with it, and you can't look at the key board. Your fingers have to adjust to it ,and get use to it. Click the typing test button to test your typing,click the random typing game button to play a random game.

Digital foot print

A digital foot print is a digital trial leave every where on face book, Twitter, AND Xbox. A digital foot print can affect your life by family and job.

Digital citizenship  

Cyber bullying is very mean and can cause problems click on the button and see what I mean the log in is  cadwalladerms and the password is coyote.

See what I mean so don't cyber bully and if you are joking make sure it won't hurts some one feelings  

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