Diary of a wimpy kid

Reading journal

What happens at this chapter was that Greg was at a wedding. At he's uncle wedding but it wasn't new. Greg's Uncle always change of women and he also tattoos the girls name. Greg was proud because he was the one who takes her up were they get marry. Finally the wedding finish, and all of the cousins haded to sleep together. what makes Greg mad was that all haded to sleep together and it was hot.

This reminds me one day all my family went to my grandmas, house and I had it to sleep in the same bed with 3 of my sisters. I think I could same how Greg felt not exactly but maybe how. This book keeps me getting me more excited each time . This could be one of my favorite parts too. In this chapter my favorite character was Greg because he was unique and he was one of the most important cousins at the wedding.

In conclusion this chapter wasn't that awesome but was interesting. I like it and that is what matters. I could say that this book is getting better every time and I keep liking them. Finally I think my favorite character in this book will always be Greg because I think he is like me.