An Australian Interpretation Of The Documentary.

An Australian Interpretation of the documentary

After watching this documentary I have realised how many Americans are obese due to McDonalds and how big the supersize meal is that it could feed more than 3 people and I don’t know how one person can eat that without feeling sick and vomiting. I also think that Americans have now gained a stereotype of being overweight and obese because they have so many McDonalds stores and now because of some Americans it is a stereotype that they are overweight and eat a lot of McDonalds however there are many Americans who are not overweight and now they may get judged because they are from America. I think that this is disgusted in how many people visit regularly and accept the supersize meal upgrade. In America 72% go to McDonalds once a week who are heavy users and 28% go every day who are super heavy users and I find that terrible how people can go there everyday.

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2 years ago

Good blog ryan.