Clawson Classroom News

This week we have been learning about how to determine the main idea and key details of a text.  As your kids read with you at home ask them to determine the main idea when they are finished.  In phonics we learned about the "tricky trio".  Those are words that end with /tch/, /dge/, /ck/.  During writing time we have been researching famous Americans.  Students have been taking notes and writing the main idea of why that person is important.  They will be teaching the class about their person next week.  Another skill we have been working on is prepositions.  Students should be able to identify nouns, verbs, adjectives and prepositions now.


  • Book orders are coming home today.  They will be due Monday, April 13th.
  • Running club is starting back up on Wednesday.  A flyer is coming home today with details.  It will start at 8:25.
  • We are going on a Field Trip to the KC Zoo on April 24th.  If you would like to join us please email me.  I am able to take 5 parents on the bus but anyone is welcome to meet us at the zoo.  If you would like to go please let me know so I know how many groups to break the class into.  Also, let me know if you would prefer to ride the bus or meet there.  You will be able to check your kids out and take them straight home from the zoo if you choose.
  • There have been lots of students with untied shoes lately.  Please make sure your child knows how to tie their shoes.
  • We have been doing several projects with tablets lately.  All students are responsible for having their tablet charged and at school each day.  They will be missing out on key class work if they do not have it with them.