Hey, Clevelanders: Furniture for Sale

Henry David Thoreau once wrote "Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!" Well, I'm taking Thoreau's advice to heart and downsizing from a huge house to a much more manageable apartment. But I have too much stuff and I have to get rid of some of it. So let's help each other out: you take some of this stuff off my hands and I'll give you a great price.

If you have any questions or would like additional pictures, just email me:

  • Couches: I have two living room couches that I bought at World Market three years. They are approximately 5 feet long by 3 feet deep. The couches are in good shape but, I'll be honest, the white covers are not in great shape. But with brand new covers (or if you have some basic sewing skills), the couches will be like new. I'm selling them for $250 each or $450 for the set. They retailed for $700 each.
  • Stereo rack: very cool stereo rack, although I made this more of an office media center, with my wifi router, printer, cable box, etc. But if you have electronic equipment that you'd like to put in one place, this is a great solution. This is about 5 feet high and two feet deep. It has two shelves, one is adjustable. It has a glass door. Selling for $30, vinyl collection not included :-)
  • IKEA desks: I have two basic desks but I don't have specs or pictures yet. I'll post as soon as I have them.
  • Leaf blower: it's an older model, not very powerful and isn't fancy, like those leaf blowers that look like jet packs. But if you have a small yard or you don't have a ton of trees, this works just fine. Only $25.
  • Kitchen table and chairs: I have a basic kitchen table with four chairs. I don't have specs or pictures yet but will post them soon. The table is $30 and the chairs are $5 each. Get everything for $50.
  • Big screen TV: this is an early generation 60 inch HDTV. It doesn't work great...the picture is too bright and the unit overheats and shuts off after about 30 minutes (but it turns right back on again). But with some basic repair skills, you might be able to make it workable again. It's also an acceptable second TV to watch when other people in the house are watching something lame that you don't care about. I'll take $50 for it.