How to get a (B-A) in school

There are a lot of ways that you can do to study. You need to study in burst. It has been proven that if you study in bursts your brain will learn that information a lot fast because you will have 30 or 40 minutes for your brain to learn it.

If you study for hours your brain will have to tack a lot longer to learn what you read. your brain would not be able to encode the information and if that happens you will never be able to retrieval and if that doe not happen than you would never be able to learn.

You should also read aloud it could help you brain a lot more to gain the information. and when you read you need to make a mental picture so that you could see it to use it on the test.

You could also use smart drugs to help your brain to learn a little faster. and the last thing that you can do is organize what you do. make shur that you learn what you need the most help with and than go from there.

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