cheap fifa coins IMG also earn a lot of money during those 5 years

cheap fifa coins IMG also earn a lot of money during those 5 years, that new building funded initiative for the Football Association. 1998 late, IMG and FA of 5 years contract expires, IMG active put contracting amount improve to 100 million Yuan a years renewal League most fire of when, football business operation what created has how much market value, can from a group data in the restricted view of: 1998 methyl a, League average each field audience number for 21,300, tickets income reached more than 100 million more Yuan, methyl a, Club of market income average reached a years 25 million Yuan. Coca-Cola Pepsi in 1999 in a bid to overcome the League a name fees reached $ 10 million (equivalent to 83 million dollars), and annual increments of 10%.

I don't understand, why do FIFA not to test 7 Italy players? It had violated their own rules. "Always fond of accusing FIFA of Maradona, La Mano di Dio, in an interview with the guardian when it is clear that FIFA is very bad," rules are the two players to take part in drug tests, rather than 7. I've had moments like this, but never heard of claim 7 people participating in drug-testing rules.

In fact, the whole affair is very simple, core lies in who is fake? Football Association announced the results, everything will be clear. If Qingdao fraud, results no outside between penalty points or downgraded, if Liu Jianzhen signed has contract, also the by corresponding of punishment was puzzling of is, things has passed three months, regardless of media how reported and asked, China FA No on Mrs case provides had any of official news, including recently has rumors said contract identification results for fake contract, official also no any of responded April 8, second times arbitration will again in FA held, after for more than two hours of court Hou, constant big two name lawyer drag with luggage box a face serious, and Bundle out, Qingdao energy delegates then left. Yu Tao media barrage of questions without answers, only into the elevator, said the word "Goodbye".