The Planet Of Jupiter

The Mystery Of Jupiter

Alien Age: 11 on Earth and 1 on Jupiter

Alien Name: Ju P. Ter

Nickname: Jupi

Jupiter/and this planet is a gas GIANT!

                             My Alien

My planet is the 5th planet from the sun.

My planet has 63 known moons. Some of the moons have water on them, so people say.

This giant gas ball known as Jupiter has absolutely no atmosphere considering the fact that it is a giant ball of gas.

The average temperature of Jupiter is 234 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 145 degrees Celsius), Jupiter is frigid even in its warmest weather.

                       Day In The Life

At 29,236 miles per hour, Jupiter revolves around the sun.

Jupiter rotates, or spins faster than any other planet. A day on Jupiter is about 10 hours long. A year is in 11.86 earth years and that is why I am only one on Jupiter.

The planet Jupiter is 43,441 miles long.

                     Facts About Jupiter

There are many amazing facts about the stunning planet of Jupiter. Jupiter has 63 known moons as I read doing my research. Jupiter is also known for its famous rings. Jupiter has only four rings that look so cool from far away. if you weigh 100 pounds on Earth you would weigh 264 pounds on Jupiter. My planet is special because when i read the description of the planet I knew exactly what I was going to do how I was going to do it.


My alien has one big eye in front to help him see better because there are a lot of gases on his planet. He has a tree coat to keep him warm on his planet, because it is FREEZING! His name is Jup P .Ter and his nickname is Jupi. He has skates on because he goes over to the other moons and goes ice skating on the frozen "water" if there is any. He has candles on his chest to light his way around on his planet. That is my description of my multi-talented alien.

He eats his tree coat for food so he is considered a herbivore. There are no other things on Jupiter to eat him or for him to eat.


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3 years ago

your alien is awesome and the description is really good and your alien is very creative

3 years ago

Your alien is very cool and is a good description

3 years ago

I like your alien, and your facts, all though you could have included more details. Great job overall!

3 years ago

I agree with Isabel, it could be more detailed

3 years ago

I think that its really awesome and creative