Introduction to Mythology
By: Paul Suh
May 20, 2014

Mythology: What is mythology? Mythology is a group of myths. Myths are stories or tales created to give values to persons, places. They are often connected with religious  beliefs. Myths also explained the inexplicable. Ancient Greeks and Romans used myths to teach children morals, lessons, religion in an entertaining way.

God: Who is Ares? Ares is the god of war, courage and battle lust. He was born to Zeus and Hera, and is one of the Twelve Olympians. As one of the Twelve Olympians, he was given the month of March in his honor. He was usually shown as a manly bearded warrior with a blood stained spear. He also often looked handsome but cruel. "How cruel was he?" you might ask. Well, his throne on Mount Olympus was supposedly covered with human skins. His lifelong crush was Aphrodite, who was already married to Hephaestus, so you already know that problems started to occur. Hephaestus designed a clever trap, so Ares and Aphrodite were caught together.

Mythical creature: The Minotaur had a human body and a bull's head. He was born to Queen Pasiphae and a bull. He lived in the labyrinth, where he demanded children and a maid for him feed. The hero Theseus( son of King Aegeus), decided to put a stop to this madness, and came to the labyrinth and hunted him down.

Myth: Zeus, the god of the sky, had a crush on Metis. He chased her day and night. Metis transformed into different animals, but Zeus who was equally skilled didn't give up. He continued to pursue her until she gave up.

An Oracle of Gaea predicted that Metis's second child would destroy Zeus. Zeus took this warning to heart. The next time Zeus saw Metis, he flattered her to soothe her, then opened his mouth and ate her, without warning. From then on, Zeus became a lot wiser.

After a time, Zeus developed a severe headache. He cried out in agony, and the other gods rushed over to help. Hermes knew what he had to do, and directed Hephaestus to crack open Zeus's head with a hammer. Out of Zeus's head came Athena, dressed in full armor and ready for war. Athena became the goddess of wisdom.

This myth tells us how Athena, the goddess of wisdom was born. It also tells you to not trust flattery.

Modern day connection: A famous shoe brand, Nike based their name off the Greek goddess Nike, because Nike was the goddess of strength, speed and victory.

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