All About Drugs

By:Rhea Daniel and Shiann Tabler

Why Not To Do Drugs

Drug Misuse-any use of a medicine that is different from the intended use. Like when is says to take it for 5 months and you start to feel better and you stop using it but its not been 5 months yet.

Drug Abuse-misusing a legal drug on purpose or using any illegal drug. Like when it says to take 2 pills every day but you take 2 pills every hour because its not working.

Withdrawal-negative symptoms that result when a drug-dependent person stops taking a drug. Like when they stop taking it then they become sick and not knowing what to do.

Drug Addiction-uncontrollable use of a drug. Like when they get medicine because they need it and then they don't need but say they do.

Physical Dependency-the body's chemical need for a drug. Like when they don't have the drug they go into a withdraw and start getting sick or aching.

Psychological Dependence-person's emotional or mental need for a drug. Like when you did take drugs and now you think that you really need them but that's just your body missing the drug.  

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