Giant Pandas are bears that are native to China, where they are considered a national treasure.

Even with powerful status, giant pandas are endangered because only about 1600 live in the wild and only approximately 100 live in zoos around the world, according to IUCN. One of the main reasons is because of habitat destruction. China continues to grow so most of the pandas land is being used for development, pushing the pandas into smaller and less livable areas. They have many names such as parti-colored bears, bamboo bears, white bears, and giant bears. They are separated from other pandas by their large size and black and white coloring which provides camouflage for the bear, according to the Smitgsonian National Zoo. They aren't called giant pandas for no reason, they tend to live up to their name. They can grow to be 4 to 5 feet tall in length and weigh up to 300 pounds, according to the National Geographic, about the same as an American Black Bear. They also have distance relatives known as the red pandas, who only grow up to about 20-26 inches tall and weigh only about 12-20 pounds.

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