Mobile Trends to Watch out in 2015

As we move further into 2015, we have one thing clear: we are being the part of a global transformation and more people are letting go off their offline life and trying to stay more connected. People all across the globe are becoming more tech-savvy and are adopting smart devices at an alarming rate. The technology you saw in 2013 was primitive compared to what we saw in 2014, and same is going to be the state of 2014 in the year 2015. Advancement in technology is completely changing the way we communicate, entertain, educate, and even do shopping.

Let us look at some of the trends that would revolutionise mobile in 2015.

Wearable technology

Undoubtedly, mobile technology is entering a new era when it comes to wearable technology. The introduction of Google Glass has laid a major foundation with its success among the business sector. With this revolutionary piece of technology, you can view messages, check emails, and do an array of things with one touch, which otherwise would require you to use a mobile device. Watch out for products like Apple IWatch, Samsung Gear 2, Moto 360.

Your phone will know how healthy you are

We have already witnessed biometric scanners installed inside phones and smartwatches, but this is just a start. For example, Samsung is coming up with Simband, a dedicated, health-focused wearable, which is fully capable of monitoring and collating all data. Our humble smartphones are already installed with apps that keep complete track of you wellbeing, and their usefulness will keep on growing over the coming years. You can buy these online mobile phones from popular ecommerce websites or etailers.

You’ll pay for more stuff with the phone

It has been a long time in coming, but 2015 looks promising for the year where you can walk into any shop and pay for anything with the help of your phone. Apple Pay is becoming a big player in the United States, and on the verge of making a big impact in China and Europe. There are many other unlikely apps which are coming into the market that would introduce payment services.