Chinese Dynasties

Sui, Song, and the Tang


The Sui dynasty started in 589 B.C. Wendi founded the Sui dynasty. He created a centralized government and a new legal code. His greatest achievement was the grand canal which was 1,000 miles long.

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The Song dynasty created at capital in Kaifeng and restored centralized government. Many people practiced neo-Confucianism. Women at this time also had foot-binding done to their feet. Some of the Songs achievements are porcelain, gunpowder, the pagoda,   movable type printing, and paper money.

A Pagoda


The Tang dynasty lasted from 618-907. Emperor Taizong expanded the empire. Later in the dynasty Wu Zhao was a ruthless empress was then overthrown because of her harsh ways. During the Tang dynasty they created capitals at Chang'an and Luoyang. They also created a flexible law code. Many people were Buddhists at the time. Achievements of the Tang were their figurines, magnetic compass, and woodblock printing.

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