Thomas' Experience in The Bouncy Ballers

Description: In 6th grade I'm making a mini company with a group of friends. My group includes Nico and Pearce. Our group is selling bouncy balls.

It's Friday, January 27th and Nico, Pearce, and I have just ordered our product. We were all excited about this so it was a relief when we finally were able to sell soon. Since we had bought Amazon Prime from Ms. Goggin, our math teacher, we thought that we were going to be able to recieve by monday so we can setup on tuesday, but the thing was we were surprised when, on monday there was no package. Then the next day, we were excited to find a box which we riped open as soon as we could.

After we tore it open we had a long (50 minutes) of math class to sit through. Then on Thursday, Febuary 2nd we had our first sale, it was a great time but we had some problems.

Global Competence: If you don't know what this it, is here it is:

Comfort with the new and unfamiliar
Complexity of World Issues
Communication and Collaboration
Coping and Resiliency
Geography, conditions, events and issues
Openness to new ideas and ways of thinking
Problem Solving
Sensitivity and respect for differences
Value of Multiple Perspectives

Anyways the one that I selected was problem solving and let me sum it up for you guys. The reason I chose problem solving is because during the length of our ordering we had the problem of getting our product late, while been thrown a google sheets that we had to do or else we weren't aloud to sell on Thursday (this took place on Wednesday). Which was a bit hard which we had to solve this problem by asking Ms. Goggin and our group. Eventually we were able to complete this sheet and were able to sell. A problem we faced when selling was that we were just about sold 25 or so bouncy balls when a kid came up to us and asked to buy 3 bouncy balls with a 20 dollar bill. But the thing was that we we didn't really have any change to give him which we quickly solved by politely asked him to waited and eventually we were able give him some change.

This is Nico, Pearce, and I after we opened our bouncy balls.

What I'm Working on Currently

Something that I think that I'm working on is Coping and Resiliency (from the Global Competence above) because, sometimes at the sales I would just let my partner Nico do all the work (or most of it) by himself because I don't really want to do it for no apparent reason. Also I think that need to work on my coping because sometimes I'd get really stressed because that we have almost no customers, and I'd sometimes, inside, I'll be like: Jeez, come on Thomas I'd wish you would've picked something else to sell. Or something like: WE NEED TO ORDER MORE PRODUCT. LIKE SOME BIGGER BOUNCY BALLS! At least I think that I am be getting better at coping with all the things that's going on in my head because we just ordered a knew kind of bouncy balls. I think that I've sort of mastered is resilience because most of the time I don't really need to refocus when I messed counting the change or messing up during math boxes at class. I think that I need to masters is the coping part because at times when I have to cope with some putting down our company and saying that another one is better, during that I could get angry which is the reason I working coping with things.

What it feels like to be a borrower. To me it feels that your grateful for who funded you, to your partners who lighten the load, your buyers, and everything in between. This alters my thinking by making you conscious that you'll have to eventually payback to you awesome lenders. To me I think that, even though we don't really do very often, is the advertising because I thought of idea that you can reuse the poster every time. So only one of us can grab the posters then use it again for the next sale. What's hard to me is being a salesmen because I donn't really like being a salesman although I'm getting better my the sale. What's challenging to me is the money management bacuse I not very good with only for some reason, but I'm thankful for having Nico on my team, the reason why is because he already owns three stocks.

I think this is my final post but it's been a good ride, from the first sale to where we are now. Having 17.5% of the Town Fidget Spinner Company, mostly made by 6B and they had just arrived today. 5/22/17. It was an exciting day, which brings me to this quote: I'm looking forward to the future, and feeling grateful for the past. Mike Rowe. Like above I said how I was grateful for my group. It's sort of the same thing here just that I'm thankful that our loaners actually lent to us and not someone else, our teachers who helped us with the whole thing, and our parents who drove us in the morning - extra early - to get to the sales. Gosh, this really sounds like my annual report but that doesn't matter. I'm looking forward to the future because we're selling them tomorrow, 5/24/17, exclusively to the 6th graders. Which is pretty exciting because it's my first spinner except for my homemade one. But overall I think that this Kiva Kids experience was probably my favorite school project. From the stress of selling and getting our google sheet up to date, to the relief of getting product, or the excitement of selling product. I can't imagine the Bouncy Ballers without any of the people that I am thankful to. I think that the global competence that most resonates with me is Comfort with the new and unfamiliar. The reason why this resonates with me is because I barely even knew about Kiva or the microfinance system. Along with selling product, doing an annual report soon, managing a company, and buying into a stock were all new to me. For example, near the beginning of the year Ms. Goggin taught us how to make google sheets to math for us and at first I would always have to look at what she did just to complete something that I think is easy now, nearing end of the year. But now I can just go one to sheets if I have to do something and be like boom, boom, boom, and boom. All done.