Atmosphere -by Juana

The atmosphere protects us from the meteors from hitting earth  that's why we relly don't have that much meteors hitting earth.

             green house effect

The green house atmosphere traps it gas from its heats. Then earths surface is heated by the suns heats toward the greenhouse.

About the layers of the atmosphere

Thermosphere is the very hot layer of the atmosphere

the oxygen is most spread out and least


the mesosphere is the coldest layer and it protects us from the meteors also it's the middle layer


The stratosphere is the oz layer it protects us from the sun.Even it starts to cold then hotter.


The troposphere that is where we live in and as you go higher it gets colder.There is weather occur in the troposphere.

            blowing a balloon

Its hard to blow a balloon in a bottle because when you are blowing it the two air are pressuring the balloon. So you use  straw  to blow the balloon easier.

   weigh of the balloon

when a balloon is not blow it is the same and when someone blew a balloon it kind of went up and one went down.

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