Valentine's Day Card

By Viridiana Pacheco


1. I like this picture because i like the design and the colors combine with the hearts and the rose.

2. I like this photo because I love the outdoors and how it looks.The color of the love matches the street and the back round of the grass.

3. I love this picture because the heart box and the cover on top, the effect of the ribbon too.

4. This photo i like because the colors in the back round mixes. The heart which goes one after other.

5. I like this photo because the glamorous in the back round, the bear goes with the picture too.


1. I don't like this picture because its too plain with the white in the back, and it needs more colors added.

2. I don't like this picture because its just too plain and the heart is to shinny for the picture.

3. This photo i don't like because its horrible for a valentine's card.

4. I don't like this picture because the water does not flow with the hearts, and the colors doesn't match.

5. I don'tlike this one because the sword does not go with love, it's like breaking the love apart.

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