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A Story of Creation

When I was just a tot, my mother noticed that I loved to watch the ladies knit. At a ripe young age of 6, she taught me how to knit. We knitted an ENORMOUS blanket together (one I still have to this day!). My mother was a novice knitter herself and circular needles were not the range, we chained straight needles together to make the blanket. It was pure joy. From there, she taught me the basics of crochet. I started reading up, learned to read patterns and went on to all things string, yarn and fun by doing embroidery and cross-stitching. I even tried tatting!

As I grew and moved on with life at a lifely pace, I took these skills with me. Making gifts and friends along the way, always finding a yarn family where ever I went. A gift that definitely keeps on giving. Now I do projects when I can to relax or as gifts - many to donate to those in need. Happy creating!

Whale of a Pod

I ran across this pattern.....purposely. I love whales. Love love love. My nickname is "beachwhale" - how could you not love whales? Especially cute little chubby wubby whales. Plus they have BLOWHOLES. What is not to love? So I made a pod of blue, BLUE!!! whales. And a few in other colors for my friends, but blue for me.

Dancing whale butts...what could be better????

Use the Force! (of a crochet hook)

I ran across these set of all the patterns I run into...PURPOSEFULLY. But how could I resist! My own little set of Star Wars characters for me to pew pew and play with!, which is what happened with this set. Here they are all, all lined up, pretending to be friends on the couch. Who knew each of these little buggers would take so long to make? But well worth the time. I just utilized the force...of my hand and crochet hook.

Men, Mustaches & Movember

I had a friend who was big into movember...and being a friend...I went along for a ride. It was a whirlwind month of crocheted movember mustaches for sale (proceeds to charity) as well as as many mustache cookies I could crank out. This is actually just a sampling of mustaches, I had various styles because of course...I purposefully ran into mustache patterns to delight my audience. Love our men, (most) of them love you back.

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