my name is Donetta Wesley and my age is 24 years old

I'm from the south  

i live in  AL, Georgia

my husband Jon Wesley is a confederate soldier and he is stationed in Italy. i have two children one boy and one girl Benjamin and Presley.

DAY 1:my husband is gone at war everyday i wake up, check on the kids before i start making break feast when break feast is ready i wake them up to get ready for school and eat, then as soon as they are done i walk them to school then i go to my tea party with a few friends and then walk home and clean up around the house around then its about time to get the kids from school we go home they get cleaned up for supper and then we have a little bit of family time then we each wright a letter to dad then i put the kids to bed.

DAY 2:dear Jon,

i hope everything is going very good, i miss you dearly and i hope you are safe. the kids miss you so much we pray that you come home safe to us. they've been growing up so much you'd probably cry if you've seen Benjamin hes gotten so strong and hardworking and hes very tall just like his father. Presely wow shes grown so beautiful and smart shes has straight A's in school. If only you could see them now they have become two amazing kids you've been an amazing father to our children and a great husband to me i love you so much and i pray you come home safe we love you.

        yours truly  

DAY 3: I've been going out more trying to get my mind off things and taking the kids out and doing stuff with them....I've helped the war by sending them fresh and clean clothes, sending them a great amount of food, and medications

DAY 4:when i received my husbands letter i haven't cried so hard in my life not with pain but tears of joy it was so amazing to just hear from him. the kids got so happy they jumped around in joy we read the letter together and we just seemed so happy and ex tactic but then he told us he was moving states to Amsterdam for a whole nother 6 months my heart sank i couldn't believe what i read i cant take him being gone for so long tears just ran down my eyes and i went in my room and layed down to cry my eyes out.

DAY 5:Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by getting shot in the back of the head by John wilks booth. It put a lot of people in sorrow and it doesn't help the soldiers family that one of Americas finest people got shot earlier today. all i see are signs of lose and confusion and it tears away my heart.

everyday i still wait for Jon to walk down our road to find his way home. I still wait for hours and days to just see him walk home. We pray every single night for him to come home hopefully god will answer our prayers and bring him home to us safe and sound.

the kids miss him so dearly and as do i i just wish he didn't have to leave for six months maybe they could change there mind. i can only hope to just feel him beside me and waking up to his smile. the kids cry most nights they tell me they miss daddy and it kills me to see the tears roll down there sweet eyes. We all need him i just hope hes okay and he comes home as soon as possible.

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