Civil War Journal

Michael Blanke

Journal Entry 1- My Name is Michael Blanke, I am from Nags Head, North Carolina. I live on 168 acres of farmland with my wife Elizabeth and my four kids John, Molly, Emily, and Michael. I am on the Union side because i am do not like the idea of slavery and i want it to stop. I am a captain in the Union army because I have study a good amount about battle strategies and I know how to use and shoot a gun pretty well.

Journal Entry 2- Michael- Hi yall how are ya

Bob- Well im hunkey dorey

Michael- Well thats mighty fine

Bob- Do yall have any goobers or bark juice?

Michael- Got no bark juice but i do got some goobers, yall want some.

Bob- How much ya want em for

Michael- One stack of greenbacks for a bag.

Bob- yall a bluff

Michael- Who you callin a bluff.

Bob- So long bluff

Journal Entry 3- Dear Elizabeth,

Life at camp is dreary and hard. All though I am a captain it is awful to watch what some of the men  have to go through with. They live in tents and sleep on the cold hard ground. These men are working all day, mostly drilling. They do some other things like digging and putting up tents. The food here is god awful . I don't even think it could be considered real food! Some of the punishments are not painful but they are extremely embarrassing.

My favorite song was Dixie because it was the catchiest, and the best rhythm.

Journal Entry 4- Today was another long boring day again. Life here at camp is very boring. There is not a lot of fun things to do around here. We play card, dice games, have cockfights, wrestling matches,baseball raffles. The food here is awful but I do like the hardtack a little bit. Even though it is as hard as a rock it is the only thing that has a hint of flavor when you eat it. We eat raw beef  or even pickled beef. The pickled beef has an extremely salty flavor. It is hard to even eat it when it is that salty. That is one day of many that soldiers have to go through during the civil war.  

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