Help us stop cyber-bullying

Cyber bullying is happening all over the world lets make it come to the end.

Online bullying and harassment:

Humiliation – bullies will use cyber bullying to spread rumors and hearsay with the purpose of damaging the victim’s reputation to ensure that they are shunned.On the internet, you should treat others the way you want to be treated because no one wants to be cyber bullied online or being making fun of and getting embarrassed.

Harassing - is the sending of insulting, threatening and harassing messages via the internet or cell phones. These messages are however sent persistently and tirelessly.-some bullies will do everything possible to gain the passwords of a teenager illegally. After gaining these passwords, the bully enters the victim’s sites and locks them out. In some cases, the bully will find you and possibly hurt you.

Acceptable use of technology:

The acceptable use of technology is not bulling, no hacking , no flaring, and no harassment. Some kids get embarrassed by humiliating pictures online. So before posting a picture or a post, reread it and make sure you don't want to be mean to others.

Posting on Social media:

You should not post comments or pictures without permission from the owner because that could lead to hurt feelings and loss of friends. Before you sen any picture or message, reread it and think about how it can hurt somebody. If someone ever posts an embarrassing picture about somebody it can cause for the person to not want to show up at school again because they might be scared that people will make fun of that person.


Hacking is bad if you ever do it and it is also invasion of privacy. Hacking includes stealing other people’s passwords, person accidentally doesn’t logout of gmail and a hacker just goes through the person’s things, and deleting software from backing up a phone, computer, tablet, or any other mobile device.

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