The Geography

Prescott Report

Coordinates from

Location: Where is it?

Prescott is in the central part of Arizona North of Phoenix. The specific degrees are Coordinates in Latitude and Longitude


N 34.568210


W 112.461482

Place: What is it like there?

Prescott is a desert region with lack of rain, but recently with the increase of rain there has been an increase of greener plants and such. There are many activities for people of all ages to do like to tour our town hall, our historic downtown area, sports at the Y, art shows on weekends, etc… There is a wide variety of religion in Prescott. It goes from Mormon to Lutheran to Potters House.

Human/ Environment Interactions:(Self Explanatory)

There hasn't been a big issue of air pollution in Prescott, but the lack of water has had some problems. Until recently there has been a major lack of water and it was killing crops so we had been taking more water from the environment than usual. With these new rains that will hopefully stop the need to take extra water.

Movement: How are people and places connected

We transport goods mostly by semi- trucks because of our lack of trains and our small planes. Our ideas and technology has been shown everywhere by the openness of the internet so we don’t exactly need to transport hard copy ideas or tech anymore.

Regions: Based on Physical Features

Map found at

This map shows that Prescott is near a green area and Prescott is just outside that area. We live higher up on the scale than the cities in the green areas but we usually get more rain. You will mostly find plants such as sunflowers and cacti and such instead of plants needing more water because Arizona is in the middle of a desert. The animals found in this region are those who also can stand the heat such as coyotes and antelopes.

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