Eliminate the Illnes

By Team Math (Ashlyn, Annah, Cristo, Matt and Mikaela)

Goals and Purposes

  • The goal of this game is to educate elementary school students about the importance of avoiding illnesses. We can do this, by showing the various illnesses that one could contract during different seasons, and we encourage students to ‘beat and avoid’ these illnesses/enemies.
  • The purpose of this game is to place the player into a scenario where they either need to avoid enemies (illnesses) or die.

Level One: Back to School~

When you come back to school, you need to be careful because so many people are being contained in a small space, and therefore disease are easily spread. For this level, you need to shoot all of the enemies to fight all of the sickness away. However, when you are sick, you tend to be more tired. So for this one, your avatar will not be able to move very fast.

In the level Back to School (fall), the player is placed into a game space that is very small and has a lot of obstacles. The purpose of this is to show students that it is very hard to avoid disease while you are at school, in a contained space, with many other people, so it is very important to make healthy decisions in order to avoid this.

Level Two: Survive Until... ~

This correlates with the winter disease, in particular colds. In this level, you have to ‘beat the time’ (collect all of the points) without being killed by the diseases (enemies).

In the level Survive until... (winter), the player is placed into the play space and have to stay there for a certain amount of time, with a limitation on their speed. The purpose of this is to show how hard it is to function when you contract and illness, and to show that when you're already sick and slow, it is that much easier to contract another disease.

Level Three: Spring Cleaning~

It is very important to clean surfaces during the spring so that you can avoid the spread of illnesses. In this level, you have to obtain all of the points and ‘clean’ the game screen in order to win.

In the level Spring cleaning (spring), the player is placed into the game space that is littered with ‘points’. The purpose of this game is to make the player ‘clean’ the screen while avoiding enemies, in order to show the player the importance of living in a clean environment, and how that can eliminate some of the chances of getting sick.

Play Tester Review Sheet~

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Overall Notes to the Team (Provide some feedback, or things you would change.)

What We Learned~

We learned that in order to be successful, you must be alright working as a team. We were only able to accomplish all that we did because each of us contributed in a different way. Additionally, we learned that the balance between aesthetics and difficulty had to be taken into consideration. For example, if we spent to much time working on the visual aspects of our game, our difficulty level would often get neglected. Therefore, we learned of the significance of balancing a game. In comparison, we also discovered the value of making sure that our difficulty levels did not exceed the ability of the player. Furthermore, we learned how hard it was to try and incorporate educational topics into our game. All of these things, though they were posed as struggles, aided in our ending knowledge of video game design and creation.

Questions and Comments~


Annah and Matt-- Designer/Programmer

Ashlyn-- Researcher and Writer

Cristo-- Quality Assurance Tester and Presenter

Mikaela-- Project Manager and Writer

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