The Great Plain Native Americans

The Great Plain Native Americans lived in the Great Plains. From west of the Mississippi River to East of the Rocky Mountains.

These Native Americans are generically peaceful people. But with Spainards kidnapping  indians and using them as slaves.  Then the white people killed off the buffalo to near extintion, plus tenstion growing with french fur traders, the Native Americans had to fight back. This is how the infamous warlike Apache people started to wage war.

This the Cheyenne war dance. One of the Great Plains Native American Tribes.

These native americans had defined gender roles. The men would leave the tribe during the hunting season to hunt buffalo. Which is a major natrual  source for the Natives.The four main groups of the Great Plain Indians are the Dakota, Cheyenne, Sioux, Comanche. The woman take care of the tepees, gather food, tend crops, cooked, made clothing, tanned hides

There are many ways they killed the buffalo. One way was to ride into the heard of buffalo on horse back and used bows and arrows to kill the buffalo. Another way was to chase the buffalo off a cliff and kill them. The indians never wasted any part of the buffalo. They also only hunted when they needed them and didnt hunt buffalo for sport. They used the buffalo for food and clothes. Also they used them for shelter.

Although Great Plain indians are mainly nomadic some tribes settle and grow vegatation.  Like beans, corn, squash and corn. The woman mainly tended the crops while the men go hunting.

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