A Missive from Your Mom

The number of zopilotes sitting on light poles as I was driving out to the airport. I take this as a propitious sign.

I should have been paying a little more attention to the weather forecasts on account of I murdered another one of Dad's houseplants by leaving it out in the freezing cold. In my defense: I didn't BUY the damned plant and I didn't put it out on the back porch and I didn't have any TV service whatsoever, so give me a break here.

So this is yet another week when my PreAP classes have their essays due and the wailing and carrying on is not to be believed. All the essays are in Googledocs. I have a folder I share with them in which I've put all the bibliography stuff--all they've got to do is copy and paste. I give them the sources and the outline and then review their rough drafts. It's so cruel. I can't wait til Peggy McDermott gets hold of those little bastards. We'll see about cruelty then, won't we?

I'm going to send you a few dried ancho chilis and a recipe that will knock the socks off anyone who tries it AND it's one that's not too hot for the Euros. I marinate chicken thighs in yogurt, cumin and garlic for a day. I make a sauce by simmering and onion, garlic cloves and 4 anchos. Once those things are all soft, I smush 'em together in a blender with some salt and about 3 Tbs. RAISINS! Brown that chicken, put it in a casserole dish, dump on the sauce and cook the the hell out of it. In the last 10 minutes, you dump on some Muenster cheese. When you taste the sauce when it's just blended it's strong but after it's cooked it's as mellow as can be and just waiting to drown some rice. Screw the chicken! I'll send that along in a couple of weeks.

Speaking of food, tonight is Stephen's last night in America for a while so I'm dragging him over to Angelo's. It's the tail end of the Stock Show but it shouldn't be too crowded. Taking a cue from you, I purchased a few meal-type bars for the old boy to tuck into his go bag. Food reviews from that part of Africa are universally grim.

Well, that's about it from Parkwood Avenue.


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