2015 Shampoo Packaging Box Design Out Of Your Imagination

2015 is an amazing year for packaging industry for there are more creative packaging designs springs up on the market. With the development of science and technology, different kinds of cosmetic packaging box, rigid paper box, paper cake box have replaced the position of traditional packaging boxes. What an amazing year it has been here at shangyupackaging.com and companies! Our business has continued to grow and expand this year with the purchase of new machines, new departments, and an increased presence on social media. Thank you to all of our customers. Its your support that make our company become more flourishing. What follows are our favorite packaging projects from 2015.

The first Shampoo Packaging design is the golden cardboard cosmetic packaging box. It is specially designed for the cosmetic brand “HERCYNA”. There are 2 highlights in this blue cardboard cosmetic box. One point is the classic color of gold and the other point is the printing logo with hot stamping on the surface of the box. The color of gold makes the cosmetic in this rigid paper box more noble and attractive. The special way of printing is the hot gold stamping for the logo. This printing stands out their famous brand that makes people a deep impression on it. We can produce this kind of cardboard box in different sizes with different colors and different shapes. As cardboard gift box, it is made of cardboard. In addition, it is made eco-friendly and recycled to meet the environmental mission.

What follows is green paper foldable box. It makes people comfortable and quiet. Your life is full of hope because of this green box. You can use it as gift packaging box as well. This Cardboard cosmetic packaging box is made up of cardboard, one of the eco-friendly and recycled materials in this field of packaging & printing. This cardboard cosmetic box has no standard size. We can produce all cardboard cosmetic boxes in different size. The special requirements for this box can be customized according to our customer's requirements completely. If you want have a sample of our Cardboard cosmetic box, it may cost 3 -5 working days for shipping. And the mass production time need 15 working days. If you want to have one special designed cardboard gift box, you may need to wait about 15 days. If you are interested in our products, please be free to contact us. It will be our great pleasure to do whatever we can do for you.

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