Elements of Design

Point can be seen in this interesting sculpture by the way the material used to make it pops out from the center.
The image of this piano shows line by it's row of keys.
This image of a water light show at Disney Land shows color by it's casting of different hues, and having different values and saturation.
These cuddly cats fur show value as one's fur is lighter than the others yet they still similar colors.
This image shows geometric shapes used to create a picture of the statue of liberty.
This image of loges shows form because of their shape
This pictures shows negative and positive space. By looking at either the negative or positive you will see two different pictures.
This image shows rough texture by absorbing light and taking on a darker look.

Priniples of Design

This image shows balnce because each side of the resturant is set up the excat same way.
This image shows emphasis by creating a contrast between the softball and the dirt sourronding it.
This beautiful landscape shows a contrast between the peace green and blue late to the white mountains in the background.
This image of the shore creates rhythm has the waves wast up and down the shore.
This image creates portion by the artist drawing his head larger than his body.
This image shows unity because every person in the picture looks the same and has the same body structure thus, making thing unite together.
This image shows economy with it's simplicity.

-Sarah C.

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