Five Pieces of Mobile Technology

Implications for mLearning in k-12 Classrooms

Brew Mobile Platform (Software) - The mobile platform offered by Brew has incredible SmartPhone -like performance. This platform supports JavaScript as well as other mobile/web technologies. In addition, Brew is so flexible that it can support other technologies that "drive mass-market wireless use". In a k-12 classroom, Brew could be used as a fundamental mobile platform for students whose technologies apply. Supporting JavaScript and software alike has huge implications for student use and access to resources. 

Windows Phone (Software) - Is a series of operating systems for mobile technologies developed by Microsoft. This could be used in classrooms in a similar way as Brew, though it is more familiar on the consumer market and thus, has larger implications for students concerning applicability and usefulness. It was "launched in October 2010".

Android 2.0 (Software) - It is the world's most popular mobile platform. It is compatible with all the Google Apps and has more than "600,000 apps and games available on Google Play". This is aside from all of the electronic books, movies, and other media available to Android software users. This could be used in k-12 classrooms on account of its popularity and access on today's consumer market. It would be an easily agreed upon mobile platform. 

BlackBerry OS 10 (Software) - BlackBerry OS 10 offers a seamless operating system that integrates its features and applications into one easily navigated platform. It represents an innovation in BlackBerry software engineering and promises more in terms of functionality than its predecessors. "BB 10 sees the implementation of a whole new user interface", "offering an easy-to-navigate user experience". This platform is extremely efficient and fluid in the way it processes menus and lists of information. It would be a great platform for students with poor organizational skills and could help them with proper data entry and navigation of technological operating systems.

iPhone 5 (Hardware) - iPhone 5 is an innovation in technological hardware. It is lighter, thinner, more compact, and doesn't sacrifice features or performance. It is a significant step up from any other SmartPhone on the market and remains extremely popular on consumer markets. iPhone 5 allows for extremely fast web browsing, downloading and media streaming, and has an incredible battery capacity. iPhone supports many networks all over the world and is, as a result, the fastest device in terms of Wi-Fi connection in the world. If there was to be one Smart mobile device used in the classroom (for example, if the school chooses to provide these technologies), it would have to be the iPhone. It is simply the best and nothing less. 

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