Tools of Trade

         By: Hanya Mahmoud

In IT technology I have used  few "Tools of Trade". These tools have helped me in many ways as explained below:




*design cycle




Edmodo is a free learning website to collaborate with classmates and to submit and receive assignments form my teacher. it also allows me to share links and put files in my folders and backpacks. I can use Edmodo on any device and it sends me notifications when there is any updates from teachers or students.

Recently I have been using in class. is a website which allows me to access and create my own info-graphics. I can use the info-graphics created on to present information in my classes in a creative and colorful way. Some benefits of using this tool is that you can explain your information in a fun visual. As I grown up I can use in college and in maybe in my future job.


Remind is a free website that allows me to get texts or emails from teachers which reminds me of home work, due assignments or even tests. The teachers add the class which makes a specific code . Then the teacher will share that code with the class. the students then must subscribe to that class by sending that code through text to receive the reminders, but  no one will know your phone number making it  completely safe to use. It is such a beneficial tool to use because as regular humans we forget important things often but with Remind, you can be aware of those forgotten things so you aren't affected on your grades.


Tackk is a free website that allows me to create a simple webpage to announce an event, represent my work or just to have some fun. You can customize it through different fonts, colors, and backgrounds.  You can also add videos or images onto the webpage, Tack can help me as a student by allowing me to present my work in a colorful way.

design cycle ib way

the design cycle is a process you go through to solve a problem. it consists of four steps: inquiring and analyzing, developing ideas, creating the solution, and evaluating.

inquiring and analyzing-

1.Explain and justify the need for a solution-My car won’t start and I need to get to work and I need to take the kids to school.

2.Identify and prioritize primary and secondary-The actual car and the parts to check and see what might be wrong. I can search the manufacture’s website. I can check on the pep boys website

3.Analyze a range of existing products that inspire a solution to the problem-Have someone take you to work, take a bus, buy a new car, or have it towed.

4.Develop a detailed design brief-I am not sure what is wrong with my car I tried to troubleshoot but I think it is more than just the battery. I looked online and determined there were several possible problems. I called a co-worker and had the car towed to the dealer

developing ideas-

1.Develop a design specification-Have a way to get to work school the store and out for socialization

2.Develop a range of ideas that are feasible-Get the car repaired, buy a new car, take a bus, bike, train, walk, or call a taxi.

3.Present a final chosen design and justify its selection-I would take the car to get repaired unless it is a continuous problem in that case I would buy a new one.

4.Develop accurate planning/drawings and outline the requirements-Get it towed,Get an estimate,Determine if its reasonable and you can afford it,If it is reasonable have it repaired if not find a new one

creating the solution-

1.Construct a plan-

  • Call someone to tow your- car 5 min/me
  • Have someone to tow it- 1 hour/towing co
  • Have an estimate given by the mechanic 1 hour/mechanic
  • Fix or not
  • Pay for it and drive home 10 minutes/me

2.Demonstrate excellent technical skills-Do excellent research on car mechanics

3.Follow plan-Make sure you check off the items on the plan

4.Justify any changes to the plan-Any changes to the plan are written and documented as to why it changed

5.Present the solution-Take the receipt and estimate from repair shop.Take picture and videos


1.Design relevant testing methods which generates data and measure success of solution-Try to start car at different times and weather conditions.Drive it

2.Evaluate success of solution against design specifications-Take a test drive. Mechanic’s approval

3.Explain how it could be improved-Take my car on a regular basis to get it checked out

4.Explain the impact of the solution on the audience/client-We can get to work, school, and where we need to go we don’t have to walk pay for a bus or ask a friend

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