Fedrick Douglas

Writing Promt

When I was a 6th grader I didn't like doing chores but I had to do it just to go outside. Most of the time I spent my time doing it and taking my time so it could be neat and when I take my time I couldn't go outside cause it was getting dark out. My mom thought that if I do my choir every other day than I could go out the next day when I'm done with cleaning. It made me feel that it wasn't fair that my lil siblings didn't do nothing and they'll have free time.

This reminds me of what people would do in slaver and that if they wouldn't do it they get punished by getting a whopped. There's one thing I didn't get a whopped cause I bearly get in trouble and I did what I had to do. I never get in trouble if I did my work but if my siblings did it for me I would have got in trouble. I get rewarded and tickets to valley fair and water park if I didn't get in trouble for a great month!🙇