Abraham Licoln

By Ben Rouse

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 at Sinking Spring Farm, Kentucky. As a child Abe loved to read very much. He read when ever he could. His parents could only pay for one year of education for Abe. So he went back to work on his farm. His mother Nancy Hank Lincoln died of milk sickness when Abe was nine. His father remarried Sarah Bush Johnston. He and his family moved again to New Salem, Illinois. He gave speeches against slavery many times. His words got peoples attention, he got people on his side against slavery. He became a lawyer and his clients called him Honest Abe because he never told a lie. He married Mary Todd Lincoln and had four children. On June 16,1858 he even ran for president. He lost but people liked what he said. On November 8, 1860 he ran again and won this time. Before he took office the South attacked Fort Sumter and Abe had no other choice, he went to war with the South. After years of war, the South surrendered to the North and with the North winning slavery ended in the United States. Sadly, On April 14,1865 Abraham Lincoln was shot and killed at Ford’s theater Washington D.C. and was unable to help build a better country but his words and actions will never be forgotten.

This is were Abraham Lincoln was born. This location is Sinking Spring farm Kentucky

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12,1809 on a small farm his father Thomas Lincoln owned. His sister Sarah Lincoln Gibsy was two years older than Abe when he was born. Three years later Abraham Lincolns younger brother was born but sadly died two minutes later. In 1818 Abe's mother Nancy Drew Lincoln dies of milk sickness. Later his father remarried Sarah Bush Lincoln and she encouraged Abe to read. When Abe was a teenager his family moved to Indiana farther North. The soon after that they finally settled in Illinois for the last time. Abe spent his time on boats transporting people and goods up the Ohio and the Mississippi. Soon he was all grown up and took action against slavery and ran for president.

Primary source

This is a letter handwritten letter by Abraham Lincoln. It dates back to 1858. I can’t read the writing but it was to an important person. Abraham Lincoln wrote many letters to many people and there aren't many out there. This piece of writing is very old and is lucky to survive. This letter was to a person in the Union Army talking about the civil war. As president Abraham Lincoln had to control the Union Army and make decisions for them. That is why all the deaths of the civil war. This is an old piece of writing and is a definite primary source.

Why Abraham Lincoln was famous

There are many reasons Abraham Lincoln was famous. One reason is that he was smart, and being smart helped him in life. He became smart not by school education. He only got a year of it, but reading books. Abe loved reading books he learned to write and read by reading books. Then Abe became notest by protesting slavery and giving speeches. Soon he became a very good lawyer who never told a lie and always do what he said he’d do. He ran for president and eventually won the election. But the most famous thing Abraham Lincoln did was win the Civil war for the North and end Slavery this is how Abraham Lincoln was famous.

Secondary source

Successes and obstacles

Abraham Lincoln had many successes but many obstacles. His successes were that he went to law school with only one years of education he ran for president twice and won once. He gave many speeches which people listened. His obstacles were that his mom died so he had that his whole life. Three of his four sons died and that was a huge struggle for Abe. And people were dying in the civil war because of Abe and they were counting on Abe to end it and he wasn't. That really was not good for Abe.

Three interesting facts and quote

  • Fact - Lincoln established Thanksgiving as a national holiday.
  • fact - He really was a wrestler. Lincoln was documented as taking part in wrestling bouts. We don’t think he wore a mask or had a manager.
  • fact - He was the only president to have a patent: Lincoln invented a device to free steamboats that ran aground.

Quote- “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”-Abraham Lincoln

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