Financial Literacy

The goal of this project is to spend money on needed things in life but first we need to choose a career. I am a computer programmer and my gross annual income is $76,140.  My tax rate is %15  so my total tax is $11,421. My annual net income after tax is $64,719. 64,719 divided by 12 months equals $5,393.25 per month. 10% of that will be my savings($539.33).

The total money i can spend for a home is $1,887.74 because it is 35% of the amount I have a month. I spent $1,075 on housing and$300 on utilities. The total money I spent was $1,375 per month. When i finished paying, had $3,478.92 left over.

I had bought a Mustang and i spend $381 on car payment, $150 on car insurance and $180 on gas each month. I can only pay $808.99  total on a car but I really spent $711. After I paid that I had $2,767.92.

I buy stuff at the store that will last me a month. I buy chicken, bananas, bread, cheddar, milk, juice, water, bacon, turkey, mozzarella, grapes, strawberries, watermelon, ham, beef, Takis, and eggs. I spent $81.19 total on groceries and after I paid i had $2,686.73 left over.

Even More Expenses

I spent $200 on clothing, after that I had $2,486.73. Then I spent $500 on entertainment, $100 on 1 dog, $150 on health insurance, $80 on a phone, $500 on restaurant, and $500 on fun $$$$$. All of that is per month. All with that money spent, I had $656.73 left but then i added that money to my savings so i could have a balanced budget. My original amount of savings  was $539.33 but since i had extra money then I had to add 539.33 to 656.73 and my total savings were $1,196.06. After I put all that money into my savings, I had exactly $000,000,000,.00 left over and that meant I had a balanced budget.

Now that same process will continue and cycle through the year and my life until I quit, be fired, or retire as a computer programmer.