How to Make Best of Your Club Mahindra Membership

Busy schedules, meetings, deadlines are sure to make you jaded over a period of time. There will be days where you cannot do your best. Life, as we know, always demands the best out of you, so it is recommended to revitalize both your mind and body by going for a refreshing vacation at least once in a year.

Club Mahindra membership offers an exotic vacation to eager vacationers once in a year to some of the most beautiful and enchanting places in India. With a wide selection of over 40 resorts to choose from, you can take avail a leisurely holiday for 7 nights and 8 days in a year and immerse yourself in this rejuvenating escape. Each membership is valid for a period of 25 years. So, each year you have the opportunity to experience the best of some of the finest vacation spots in India.

Still, if you have not figured out how to use this membership in an effective manner, then here are a few tips to follow:

1> Divide the 7 Day week schedule

It is not mandatory to book vacation at Club Mahindra resorts for a single stretch of 7 days. Different membership types have different rules for breaking up their holidays. You can book a vacation twice a year by booking 3 days slot at any of the over 40 resorts. This is the kind of flexibility you will receive with this membership.

2> Invite Everyone you know

Your Club Mahindra membership is not just restricted to you and your family. Based on your membership type, you can invite your relatives, in-laws or even friends with you for a vacation. The number of people you can take along also depends on your membership type. For a small fee, you get to celebrate a great vacation with your dear ones.

2> Gift a holiday to someone

Not planning to go for a vacation this year, well, you can still make the best of the membership by gifting this year holiday week, or even a select few days, to any of your family members or friends at a small fee. This way, you can bring a smile on someone’s face.

4> Visit Multiple resorts in one holiday

It is not mandatory to book all the seven days at one resort. You can enjoy your vacation at different resorts in one single itinerary.

5> Carry forward holidays

Suppose you decide not to book a vacation this year, then your 7 days will get forwarded to the following year. You can accumulate up to 21 days; however, the number of accumulated holidays exceed 21, they will get lapsed. Thus, you can enjoy a longer vacation in the coming year.

6> Make best of RCI facility

With RCI facility, you can trade your 7 day holiday slot for a vacation to more than 4000 international resorts around the world. You don’t have to spend anything extravagant to avail this facility.