"An Inconvenient Truth"

Global Warming?We must not stand by!

It all started with the greenhouse gases. As those gases, especially carbon dioxide, has been raising the overall temperature, along with the thickening atmosphere. Then what would happen next?

Basically, tons of ice caps and glaciers have melted, making thousands of polar bears and other species homeless. In other words, the sea level has risen. Therefore, the coastal plains in temperate and tropical areas will likely be flooded. Rising temperature can accelerate the evaporation so that there have been more droughts an deforestation as well.

Some of the areas are predicted to disappear due to the rising sea level, not only the Maldives, Marshall, Nauru, and Kiribati, but also Florida, San Francisco and other lower cities in North America.

The pictures above are the Maldives and Miami City. Does any one of us want those beauty spot be destroyed? If the global warming trend continues, our own hometowns may face the similar risks too. SO...

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