session 1

In session 1 earned the basics of genetics. After that we looked over the history of genetics. When we ere done with that we constructed a model of DNA.

session 2

For session 2 we learned mitosis. We looked at how cells split and multiply. After that we made chromosomes models and put them on the mitosis map.

session 3

In session 3 we learned about genes and how it effects you. While were doing that we filled out a worksheet on genes. We use legos to represent what type of genes it had.

Session 4

We used lego bricks to prodict offspring. After that we combined allies to produce offspring. Then we calculated the probability.

session 5

For this session we learned what types of traits are effected by gender. After that we used legos to show how the genes were changed. Then we learned how the traits can only effect one gender.

Session 6

In this session we learned about how genetics effects modern life. Then we looked at situations involving genetic research. After that we discribed the risk and binefits of genetics in the situation.

Session 7

made by Dillon Martin

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