South Loop, Chicago

Grace M., Lily F. P.9 1/16/14

About The South Loop:

The South Loop is located on the South Side of Chicago. It has many tourist attractions such as Soldier Field, Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, Adler Planetarium,Lake Michigan McCormick Place. Chicago Fire of 1871 spared the area but another fire in 1874 burned down the areas residential character. By the early 1900s railroad tracks fille the area. Chicago's oldest railroad is still standing today in the South Loop Dearborn Station. Most people who live there are from the Irish and Middle Eastern Heritage.

A major land owner in the South Loop is Columbia College which owns 17 buildings. The South Loop was a main stop in the Underground Railroad. Some famous restaurants in the south loop include The Burger Point, Chicago Firehouse and Waffles. A major hotel is Chicago South Loop Hotel.

Instresting Facts

Soldier Field located in the South Loop is the oldest NFL stadium. Chicago's oldest train station is located in the South Loop.