personal entry 3

i saw newsies on Broadway and took like 3 pages of notes i'm not really sure if this stuff belongs in creative personal or narrative entry so it's going here. it used the craziest amount of viewpoints and stanislavskism if thats a word. well the play started out with 9 huge screens in a 3x3 square on the screens there was a building labeled newsboys lodging house. the pit orchestra was entirely underneath the stage you could only see the conductor if you went to the edge of the balcony and looked down on the stage. my initial thought was how do they manage the acoustics for the orchestra under there without a feedback signal. the hall itself had a semi vaulted roof which should have made the noises from the audience seem louder but but it actually reverbed quite nicely. and the lights all the lights they completely surrounded the stage inby my count 18 large lights i64 smaller lights and 4 spotlights as well as 26 different speakers which would have to mean that the orchestra has no idea what they sound like because the noise of the whole must completely drown out their own music in such a small area. screens move back and a fire escape is wheeled on stage. clean air will cure all ailments namely santa fe. for the headlines a man in a suit would take a piece of chalk and everyone froze as the screen spelled out the headline cool effect duration and tempo kind of and spacial relationship the Newsies look up to him physically and this shows his power over their lives. the main character jack or atleast the actor was conor mahoney the minute i saw him all i could think was Conor Mahoney. they used that same freeze effect for the sketch of Kathy when jack was drawing. they repeated there song The World Will Know until it became i kind of anthem to evoke emotion in the audience as they go up the ladder to where the chalk board is symbolicly showing that they have gained equality and right STRIKE! on the board. Kathy types her story and they use that same screen effect i have in my notes that this is a great use of the concious vs the subconcious objective. i believe that Romeo was probably my favorite character in the play he kept a cigar in his mouth through the whole play including when he back flipped across the stage. i noticed that jack didnt cheat out when talking to the scabs but i believe it was intentionally because he did the rest of the play and im trying to squeeze some symbolic meaning out of it but i dont know. i figure now is a good time to tell you that this may seem random but its in order of my notes and so its in order of how the play progressed. intermission

jack draws a political cartoon and all stare at it and create a beat jack is sleeping on the printing press im sure thats symbolic somehow. and when all the newsies gather its around theis political cartoon richmond flushing manhattan woodside and the bronx in the middle. and here i dropped my pen and it fell down like 3 rows of seats and so that is were my notes end.