Emperor Penguin

Animal: The Emperor Penguin is the largest of the penguins, standing at 1.15m tall and weighing 23 to 40 kg.


Emperor penguins do not only survive in the Antarctic winter but they are capable of breeding during the worst weather conditions on earth. The Emperor Penguins closest relatives are king penguins.The Emperor Penguin can live up to 40 years and can live underwater for 20 minutes.Penguins have adapted flippers to help them swim in water.The Emperor Penguin has four layers of feathers and a very small bill and flippers to help them keep warm in the cold.The subarctic island is where they breed.


Penguins are found in Antarctica and breed in ancestral areas called colonies,which contain a few hundred or more than 20,000 pairs of penguins.


  The emperor penguins don't shelter themselves,they get into packs and consume body heat.

Biological Relationships

A emperor penguin is predator and prey. They like to eat fish, krill and squid.The chicks are prey to birds.

Life Cycle

First the mother goes off the feed.
In January-March the mothers start feeding
In April the mother takes their eggs to land.
In May the female goes to look for a mate.
In June/July the male incubates the eggs then the chicks hatch out of the eggs. The Male goes and gets food for the chicks and the Male repeats that 6 times.
In September-October is when they feed the chicks.The chicks form groups to stay warm during October/November.
The adults leave their chicks on a broken iceberg in December.

Food Chain/Web

Phytoplankton gets eaten by krill, krill gets eaten by squid and fish, the emperor penguin eat squid and fish, the emperor penguin gets eaten by the leopard seal and the killer whale is at the top of the food chain.


The Polar biome is ice for most of the year

Interesting facts

The Emperor Penguin is the largest and the tallest penguin out of 17 species.
The female lay eggs either May or June. When the emperor penguin is swimming under water the predator has a harder time finding the emperor penguin. They are also very social creatures and huddle together to keep warm.

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