Mobile apps for K-12

Edu 210

Pocket Anatomy

Pocket Anatomy is an app that shows and describes both the male and female anatomy. It offers 100, 000 words of learning content. The entire content resides in the app, which does not require any access to wi-fi or 3G. The students can also add their own notes to the app and practice their knowledge on various quizzes from the app. This is a great learning and studying tool for high school students who study the human anatomy in more detail.

3D Brain

The 3D Brain app allows users to explore every region of the brain and their functions. It also explains various mental illnesses and what could happen to the brain after an injury. The app also provides links to additional information including research. The brain is studied at different levels for different age groups, however this app is a great visual tool for younger students and a very informative and detailed tool for mature students.

3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool

This app allows users to discover the different areas of a cell by rotating it a full 360 degrees. The app describes the different components of the cell and explains how they relate to each other. The 3D simulation and stain tool also allows users to stain their own cell and share their stained cell with others. This app is great for high school students because it is detailed, easy to use and informative. It can be used as both a learning tool and a study tool.

Virtual Frog Dissection

The Virtual Frog dissection app uses virtual tools and detailed instructions to help guide users throughout the dissection. After the dissection is complete it describes the different organs from the dissection as well as the life cycle of a frog and an anatomical comparison between frogs and humans. This app is great for students in junior high because of the step by step instructions. High school students may not find this very challenging.

Project Noah

Noah stands for networked organisms and habitats. This app was designed to share wildlife encounters and help document the biodiversity in various regions around the world. This is an app that can be used for all age groups! Although younger students may simply use the app to post their own wildlife encounter and view images posted by others, older students could participate in the identification of certain organisms and engage in discussions regarding their own encounters.


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