Lesson 5: The Alphabet

by Kendra Israel

6 Fundamental Facts

1: The Phoenicians borrowed a lot of different ideas from the Egyptians

2: One of the ideas they borrowed was The Alphabet, however, the Phoenicians changed the writing system they borrowed from and trimmed the Alphabet to just 22 letters. This made it easier for people to learn how to write

3: More and more people began to master the art of writing and was no longer committed to write on scribes.

4: Later, the Greeks borrowed the alphabet from the Phoenicians to shape as their own. The Greek alphabet is the base of many modern alphabets including the English one.

5: The Phoenicians used their improved alphabet in their business to record trade agreements and to write bills

6: Knowledge of the alphabet spread quickly among the Phoenician colonies and to other Mediterranean cultures.


Colony~ A settlement separate from, but under the control of, a home country

Cultural Diffusion~ The spreading of new ideas to other places

Barter~ The exchange of one good or service for another

Money Economy~ An economic system based on the use of money

Picture Links: http://faculty.maxwell.syr.edu/gaddis/HST210/Sept12/Phoenician%20Alphabet%20Chart.gif




Fact Link: Boehm, Richared G, Et al, Harcourt Brace Social Studies: Aincient Civilization, Orlando: Harcourt Brace, 2002, Print.

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