Cocktails and TED Talks

Yep, we've been busy at Thrive :)

Come Learn How to Give (and Party)

Science tells us that there are a lot of things that drive real happiness.  Among those "happiness drivers" are things like meaningful social interactions and giving to others.  So, now that the sun is shining and we are all ready to connect and have fun, we wracked our brains to come up with an experience that combines the two.  

The result?  Cocktail Ninjas!  On June 6th, we will hold a great cocktail party.  But a cocktail party PLUS the opportunity to learn from experts about how to throw the greatest cocktail parties ever.  Come connect, learn, have fun, and get ready to get happy.  Tickets at:

Oh ... almost forgot ... on March 21, we had the opportunity to check off a total bucket list item.  We gave a TED Talk at the TEDxCLE event.  If you are curious about the history and science behind Thrive, check it out.  

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