The Rock Cycle

                         By:Alison Gatzemeyer

External Rock Cycle

The External Rock Cycle includes:  Weathering and Erosion, Transport and Deposition, Sedimentation, and Extrusive Igneous Rock. All of these elements are above the Earth's Surface, and happen on the Earth's Surface.

Internal Rock Cycle

The Internal Rock Cycle is where the most of the action take place in the Rock Cycle. The Internal Rock Cycle includes: Compaction and Cementation, Sedimentary Rock, Burial, High Temps, and Pressure, Metamorphic Rock, Magma From Molted crust and Mantle, Melting, Magma, Intrusive Igneous Rock, and Slow up life to surface. All of these happen below the Earth's Surface.

The rock cycle in picture form

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