Australia vs USA

16.8% more of the US is obese

USA has $14.159 trillion more in GDP

300,000 more people are born in the USA every second than in Australia

Australia has 1,110,000 less criminals than the US

20% more people in Australia get an education than in the US

2.2% more people are poor in the US than in Australia

the USA is .824 sq miles bigger than Australia

The United States shares land borders with Canada and Mexico while The Australian mainland has a total coastline length of 35,876 km (22,292 mi)

the US's major exports are oil, machines, vehicles, electronics and aircraft

Australia's exports are iron ore, coal, gold, natural gas and crude petroleum.

the death rate in the US is 1/1,000 more than Australia

USA's imports are crude oil, petroleum products, machines, oil, and electronic equipment

Australia's imports are machinery, computers, telecommunication products, crude oil and cars.

USA has 291.22 million more people than Australia

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