Brooke's Much Ado Retelling

Character Benedick

We came into town, Claudio, Don John, Don Pedro, and I. We only planned to stay for only awhile. I hate that Beatrice was there because she only wants to test her whit, for we all know I am one of the wiser mind. I am ashamed of Claudio.  He believes he is in love with a lady! Why that's absolutely ridiculous, all woman do is cheat, lie and hurt men! Don Pedro is going to help Claudio woo the lady. I cannot believe he plans to marry. Will there not be a man to grow old without a lady? There is no need for one! At the party Don Pedro successfully woos Hero for Claudio. I for one was insulted once again by lady Beatrice, she did not know it was me she was talking to. She called me a fool, a jester, saying I was only for laughs ! Oh that angered me, I would do anything to not be near her. I'm happy for Claudio, although I still don't understand why he would do that to himself. The Next day while I was in the garden I overheard that Beatrice was in love with me. I was surprised, and actual began to fall for her. I think I am in love.  Don John came to Don Pedro and Claudio and told them that Hero was a common stale. He showed they her and an unknown man in the act in her room. Claudio confronted her during the wedding. Her life is over now. The Friar has told us a great plan, we will tell everyone Hero has died. Maybe the one who started the rumor will come forth, because we know Hero is innocent. I have told Beatrice I loved her. She told me to kill Claudio to prove my love, I told her the best I could do was to challenge him. We all found out Don John started it all. Claudio and Hero were at the alter again and they were married. I asked Beatrice for her hand in marriage and she said she didn't love me more than reasonable. Her cousin showed me a note in her hand to me, and Claudio showed her one in mine. We agreed to marry, but for the record i only married her in pity

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