Me and my cuteness on Christmas day back in 05.

I used this picture because it shows that this person is athletic and I feel like I was an athletic person.

When I was a kid I used to have to run from my brother all the time, so this picture represents that I was fast.

Big Red used to be my favorite drink. But it has changed now.

This picture represents my present. This was this year in football.

This was Ben and I after a basketball. It was fun.

This picture represents my present. This is SHS supporting me in my run for heisman.

I put this picture because I think it represents that I'm funny and can make other people laugh.

I think wrestling will have an impact on my future.

Im kinda looking at being a Marine. My brother does it and I don't think it'll hurt to try.

I put this quote because after people lose they put their head down and act like this loss defines the most of them. There will be more opportunities, don't let one loss define who you really are.

I put this because I don't want other people to tell you what you're gonna do in your future. You're the only one who can half your future so do the best with it.

Do your work. That will help you the most. If you don't do your work in any class, especially this one, you're screwed.

Be smart in high school. Don't do anything that will hurt you , others and your future.

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