Hey everyone~! Welcome to this tackk and I just want to personally say that Alana is the absolute best~! She's super pretty and super nice. She used to be Ella Mae but only to get a job. She never meant any harm so you might as well leave that in the past! I love you Alana~! I try not to hold a grudge. So why not everyone give her a second chance? She's now reborn on Tackk as a new person who'll have a great life here. so everyone make her feel welcome. BTW, here are some gorgeous pics of her. She's Asian too, just like me~! So you dare bully her, you're messing with me as well 'cause we Asians stick together no matter what~! ;D P.S. not trying to be racist or nothin'.

Go to @AlanaS . She's super pretty and I'm sure she'll be happy to chat up a storm with you~! Love you guys and make sure to favorite this tackk, retackk it, and of course follow me AND Alana! Love you guys so much! ;*