"Proposing a public policy to deal with the problem of fighting"

1. "A written explanation and justification for our suggested policy"

a.) What is the policy that your group decided upon?

The policy decided on is that, the people who fight would have to do community work/service.

b.) Why does the policy best deal with the problem?

It will help discipline them into behaving better. A quote says that "Most of the teens are on probation—their offenses range from infractions such as underage drinking to crimes as serious as felony assault—and have been court-ordered to perform community service...In addition to serving community service hours, the CSF teens meet in restorative “circles” to discuss everything from their relationships with friends and family to maintaining sobriety and dealing with school. The kids are asked to take responsibility for themselves and for each other and encouraged to become invested in their own lives and choices." This shows us that community service can change a life.

c.) What are the advantages and disadvantages of the policy?

The advantages of this policy would be that the people who fight and does community service will know what the consequence if they get into a fight again. The community would be improving and getting better with the people doing community service because we no longer have to ask for volunteers. The fighting would stop or the fighting rate would decrease because they know that if they fight, they will have to do community service. Disadvantages would be that if you have all of these people who fight bottled up in one place, they could cause a riot right there. People who have a lot of time to think, could come out very angry and that would cause more fights.

d.) Why, in the opinion of the group, your policy does not violate your federal and state constitution. Use the Constitutional Opinion Form that is attached.

Our proposed policy does not violate this limit on the power of government because Something. Our proposed policy does not violate this limit on the power of government because their free speech because they still can express their thoughts. We're not taking away their life, liberty or pursuit of happiness. our proposed policy does not violate this limit on the power of government because we

Caption: This picture is about teens doing community services in different area.


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These articles we used are all up to date and are current. Are resources deal with community service and our proposed policy. Our sources are from websites that dealt with community service. It's all accurate and reliable. This information exists to show teens that community service is helpful to not only the community, but yourself as well.

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